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2014 Grants

Ongoing/Established Program

Hispanic Outreach Parish Health Initiative
St. Vincent’s Health System, Birmingham, Ala.
Contact: Susan E. Sellers, Vice President, Philanthropy
Endorsement: Wayne Carmello-Harper, Senior Vice President Mission Integration
Funding: $100,000 (over two years; first year $50,000; second year $50,000)
Birmingham, Ala. led the nation in Hispanic population growth (145.5 percent) between 2000 and 2010. The Hispanic Outreach Parish Health Initiative works to improve the healthcare and access of Latino communities in the Birmingham metropolitan statistical area by working with Spanish-speaking churches to train Health Ambassadors through St. Vincent’s Health System. The objectives include improved health literacy, increased number of patients reporting to a medical home, empowerment of individuals to make appropriate health choices and to improve overall health and wellness.

Start Up Program

Agape Community Center/Columbia College of Nursing Community Nursing Center
Agape Community Center of Milwaukee, Inc., Milwaukee
Contact: Al Luzi, Director of Development
Endorsement: Sister Lois Bush, Senior Vice President, Mission & Culture Integration
Funding: $100,000 (over two years; first year $50,000; second year $50,000) This start up is the result of cooperation between Columbia College of Nursing and the Agape Community Center. The project will promote integration and networking by providing a range of health services across the lifespan with an emphasis on the poor and underserved. Students and faculty from the college will staff the Community Nursing Center three days per week. Potential initial services will include health screenings, blood pressure checks, body mass index calculations, head lice treatment, chronic disease management, physical exams and minor illness checks, health information for expecting and new parents, referral services.

Ongoing/Established Grants

Youth Peace Movement
Soledad Enrichment Action, Inc., Los Angeles, Calif.
Contact: Sister Ines Telles, CSJ, Program Coordinator, Soledad Enrichment Action, Inc.’s Youth Peace Movement
Endorsement: Sister Theresa Kvale, CSJ
Funding: $10,000 (one time grant)
Youth Peace Movement serves the most violent communities in Los Angeles County by providing resources, services and experiences necessary to enable members to move away from a victim mentality to individual self-empowerment and responsibility. Approximately 800 youth participate in the program through activities empowering them to assume active responsibility for themselves and their communities. Activities include community clean-ups, planting community gardens and conducting recycling campaigns in their neighborhoods.

Enhanced Prenatal Support Group Program
Infant Mortality Program — St. John Providence Community Health
Contact: Karen Gray-Sheffield, Director, Infant Mortality Program
Endorsement: Sister Xavier Balance, DC, FACHE
Funding: $25,000 (one time grant)
The Enhanced Prenatal Support Group Program expands prenatal support services to the predominantly African American, pregnant, Medicaid-eligible women who have one or more identifiable risk factor for pre-term birth. The program aims to intervene with 250 pregnant women who fit this demographic to improve their health prenatally, improve birth outcomes, reduce pre-term births and address the reduction in infant mortality rate in Detroit and surrounding communities.

Connection to Care
Rural Health Network of South Central New York, Inc.
Contact: John C. Salo, Executive Director
Endorsement: Sister Marilyn Perkins, DC and Vice President, Mission Integration
Funding: $36,000 (one time grant)
Rural Health Network (RHN) acts as the lead agency for multiple collaborative projects in the region of South Central New York. Connection to Care is a service provided by another RHN program, Mobile Management of South Central New York. Connection to Care partially or fully covers the cost of personalized, cost-effect and appropriate transportation solutions to help individuals go to and from medical appointments. Assistance may be provided as mileage reimbursement to volunteer transportation providers, pre-paid fuel cards, bus passes or private fare (taxi). The program is in its second year and is expected to serve 120 individuals.

Start Up Grants

Let’s Get Healthy at Camp!
Sacred Heart Health System, Pensacola, Fla.
Contact: Michael Adamson, Vice President, Mission Integration
Endorsement: Michael Adamson
Funding: $50,000 (one time grant)
Let’s Get Healthy at Camp is a collaborative community project focused on maintaining a healthy height-weight ratio. Sacred Heart Health System will leverage its considerable wellness expertise while providing a unique facility, Miracle Camp, as a base for the project work. The project is an expansion of an existing school-based program established by school and health department partners. Let’s Get Healthy at Camp will provide resources to guide and support healthy eating habits, increased physical activity and limiting screen time. Through monthly field days, at-risk children (identified by partners), will enjoy organized play in a safe environment, learn about healthy food choices and have hands-on experience preparing meals. The program projects it will serve 800-1200 children in the 2014-2015 school year.

Community Resource Nurse
Alexian Brothers Medical Group, Arlington Heights, Ill.
Contact: Sue Wickey, Director of Care Management
Endorsement: Kenneth (Bob) Smoot
Funding: $12,000 (one time grant)
The grant will support a community wellness nurse in partnership with the Township of Schaumburg. The project is designed to provide health care prevention and referral services free of charge to a low-income, primarily older adult population at risk for developing chronic disease. The nurse will provide 24 hours of service every week including educational programs such as nutrition education, diabetes prevention and treatment, smoking cessation, pain management techniques, disability awareness and provide screenings for blood pressure and depression. Other topics relevant to the community, like violence resources and immunization clinics, will also be covered.

SBT Works: Structured Behavior Therapy
Alexian Brothers Autism Spectrum and Developmental Disorders Resource Center
Contact: Maria Bellantuono, Clinical Director
Endorsement: Kenneth (Bob) Smoot
Funding: $25,000 (one time grant)
The center will use the grant funding to pilot a new service model, Structured Behavior Therapy (SBT) that will double the number of low income families helped by this evidence-based intervention. Nearly 40 percent of families who seek help from Alexian Brothers Autism Spectrum and Developmental Disorders Resource Center rely on Medicaid and about two percent have no insurance. Through a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, family, outside providers and schools the center expects to assist 10-15 families and positively impact an estimated 30 to 45 individuals including children, parents, caregivers and teachers.

Urban Church Wellness Initiative
Columbia St.Mary’s, Milwaukee, Wis.
Contact: Bill Solberg, Director, Community services
Endorsement: Micahel E. Sanderl, EdD, Vice President, Mission Integration
Funding: $100,000 (over two years; first year $50,000; second year $50,000)
This program is a community-based health improvement model that changes the lives of the poor by empowering people to take control of their own well-being; addressing social factors that lead to health disparities; reducing emergency room visits; and promoting health literacy. This collaborative will provide new ways to reach 10,000 African-Americans with health information and services that they could not obtain otherwise.

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