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2014-15 Considered Ongoing/Established Programs

15 PLACE Homeless Shelter Diabetes Clinic
Providence Hospital, Mobile, Ala.
Contact: Phyllus Justice, MPG, RD, CDE, Manager, Diabetes Center
Endorsement: Lynn Tate, Vice President, Mission Integration
15 PLACE Homeless Shelter Diabetes Clinic offers diabetes education, supplies, shoes and medications to the homeless in collaboration with the University of South Alabama and Health Science Division. Health and wellness promotion make up the primary focus of the clinic, whose goals will include screenings, individual and group education as well as appropriate referrals for treatment at external agencies.

Medical Respite Center for Homeless Individuals
Circle the City, Phoenix
Contact: Sister Adele O’Sullivan, CSJ, M.D., Medical Director
Endorsement: Sister Mary Ann Rodgers
Circle the City is the only medical respite center that serves ill and injured homeless individual across Maricopa Count and is quickly becoming one of the nation’s premier programs for holistic, integrated homele3ss healthcare. Like many other programs, Circle the City provides acute medical services through the care of on-site physicians and nurses, but also offers services like psychiatric support, mental health and substance abuse programming, physical therapy and intensive case management in parallel.

Carondelet-Pima Council on Aging Transitional Care Navigation Program
Carondelet Health Network, Tucson, Az.
Contact: Donna Azaworsky, Vice President of Community Health & Continuum Care
Endorsement: Sister Irma Odabashian
The Carondelet-Pima Council on Aging Transitional Care Navigation Program creates partnerships with community agencies to improve access to health services for elderly members in the community who need care and lack a supportive social system. The proposed funding would allow local fire department paramedics to work in collaboration with Carondelet healthcare providers to provide vital healthcare services to patients after they are discharged from the hospital, while reducing the rate of readmissions within 30 days of patient discharge.

Expansion of Integrated Behavioral Health Services
St. Elizabeth’s Health Center
Contact: Sister Michelle Humke, CSJ Carondelet, Director, Behavioral Health Department
Endorsement: Sister Barbara Anne Stowasser, CSJ, Carondelet
The program identifies and treats the psychological, behavioural, emotional, cognitive and social factors important to the prevention, treatment and management of physical health problems. The majority of the patients are uninsured and many are undocumented (40-50%), making them ineligible for behavioural health services, or only given access to brief crisis services.

On-site Mental Health Services for Homeless Women and Children
Alexandria House, Los Angeles
Contact: Sister Judy Vaughan, CSJ, Founding Director
Endorsement: Sister Judy Vaughan, CSJ
Alexandria House provides on-site, trauma-informed, culturally sensitive counselling services to women and children through individual, family and group therapy. In 2013-2014 Alexandria House provided over 700 sessions of individual or family therapy and 24 support groups to homeless women and children participating in their transitional residence program. The program seeks funding to provide 240 sessions of therapy or support groups to benefit 40 current or past residents.

Neighborhood Wellness Initiative
South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project
Contact: Diana Pinto, Executive Director
Endorsement: Sister Eleanor Ortega, CSJ
Neighborhood Wellness Initiative provides programs free of charge to help families overcome the challenges of living in an isolated community with high rates of violent crime, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, and alcohol and substance abuse. The programs are designed to assist economically poor families overcome health barriers, increase their access to health resources, encourage healthy living and strengthen family relations.

Venice Chronic Homeless Intervention Project
St. Joseph Center, Venice, Calif.
Contact: Paul Rubenstein, Development Director
Endorsement: Sister Kathy Stein, CSJ
This Housing First program serves chronically homeless, highly vulnerable individuals by providing outreach, intervention-focused case management and integrated supportive services that result in access to, and retention of, permanent supportive housing. All participants receive mental health, substance abuse and other services before, during and after the placement process.

Health Communities Capital Initiative
Partners for the Common Good, Washington, D.C.
Contact: Jeannine Jacokes, Chief Executive Officer
Endorsement: Sister Rita Ann Teichman, CSJ, Sister Marguerite O’Brien, CSJ
The Health Communities Capital Initiative seeks funds to increase lending to community health care providers that serve low income people. The funds would be used as loan loss reserves and leverage investor capital to support an estimated two million dollars in new loans. Partners for the Common Good has built a track record of leveraging public and private funds to affordably finance community health care provision for low income people.

Best Fed Beginnings and National Capital Strong Start
Providence Health Foundations, Washington, D.C.
Contact: Susan Flaherty, Director of Grants
Endorsement: Matt Lukasiak, Vice President, Mission Integration
In 2012, Providence Health Foundation was accepted in the national Best Fed Beginnings initiative. This quality improvement effort provides technical assistance to facilities seeking Baby Friendly designation, the gold standard of care for breastfeeding mothers and their infants. The funding would provide support for Providence Health Foundation’s Best Feb Beginnings team to continue their work toward Baby Friendly designation.

Navigation & Care Management Program
Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast
Contact: Meg Norwood, Operations Project Manager
Endorsement: Michael Adamson, Vice President, Mission Integration
The Navigation & Care Management Program desires to expand the navigation at the clinic level as the next step to enhancing coordinated care. Through a grant-funded position based at the Hope Medical Clinic the program hopes to expand services by creating a dual role for a navigator and care manager. Navigation components include helping patients apply for charity care programs, fill out prescription assistance forms, and making follow-up appointments. Care management will include regular meetings with select patients to provide chronic disease management education, set mutually identified patient goals and monitor progress.

Pediatric Obesity Program
St. John Providence Children’s Hospital
Contact: James J. Maciejko, Lipidologist and Director of Pediatric Obesity Program
Endorsement: Kathleen LaRaia, Vice President of the Weight Management and Oncology Centers of Excellence
The Pediatric Obesity Program engages children ages seven to eighteen, with a body mass index that is more than eighty-five percent. The child’s physician initiates the referral by submitting an initial evaluation form that contains the results of a physical exam and chemistry assessment. The child is then enrolled in weekly group sessions comprised of twelve different 30-minute health topics, followed by 30-minutes of group exercise. Follow-up evaluations gauge the child’s success toward achieving a healthier body weight. The program expects to manage 252 children per year.

Macomb County Warming Center and Ray of Hope Day Center
Meacomb County Warming Center, Inc., Eastpointe, Mich.
Contact: Kathleen McKinley Goodrich, Executive Director
Endorsement: Michelina Falcitelli-Plesco
Through partnerships with 19 area churches, Macomb County Warming Center provides shelter and meals to 500-650 homeless guests each year. A follow-up program, Ray of Hope Day Center, expands the program to cover the most basic needs. The Center also provides a mailing address, job postings, job search help, interview clothing and haircuts, assistance obtaining identification and co-pays for most prescriptions and medical visits.

Ministry with Community New Facility Project
Ministry with Community, Inc., Kalamazoo, Mich.
Contact: Robert W. Oakleaf, Executive Director
Endorsement: Sister Maureen Metty, Healthcare liaison of the Congregation of Saint Joseph
Ministry with Community seeks funds to assist with a planned expansion to a new facility in 2016. The shelter areas of their building are overflowing and don’t allow spatial flexibility to offer members more engagement opportunities that foster self-respect. Along with the expansion, Ministry with Community would like to expand space to accommodate partner agency collaboration for services the area’s most vulnerable residents need to rebuild their lives. Past assistance has included aid with substance abuse, housing, employment, and mental and physical healthcare.

Eastwood Clinics, Residential Relocation
St. John Providence Health System, Warren, Mich.
Contact: Steven Candela, Director
Endorsement: Sister Xavier Balance, DC, FACHE
Eastwood Clinics was founded by a group of concerned citizens in northeast Detroit, as a community outreach service to adults and youth who have various behavioural problems, particularly substance use disorders. The Clinic, funded by local grants, has grown to ten outpatient clinics and one residential program. The residential program has occupied the convent at the St. Dennis Parish in Royal Ok since 1985. Last year, St. Dennis Parish closed and the Archdioceses of Detroit has identified a buyer for the land. The Clinic seeks funding to assist with build-out and transportation costs.

Providing Patient Transportation to the Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program
St. John Providence Health System
Contact: Darlene Watkins, Lead Registered Respiratory Therapist
Endorsement: Lisa Ann Roth, Director, Mission Integration
The program hopes to improve access to cardiopulmonary services by providing regular and reliable transportation for 25 to 50 poor and vulnerable patients. Educational information provided at over 900 one hour cardiopulmonary rehabilitation classes includes information on prevention, instruction and exercise to promote healthy lifestyles.

St. Mary’s Health Clinics Shakopee Clinic
St. Mary’s Health Clinics, St. Paul, Minn.
Contact: Melissa Gattene, Executive Director
Endorsement: Sister Meg Gillespie, CSJ
St. Mary’s Health Clinics Shakopee Clinic expects to complete 1,986 medical services to low-income, uninsured patients and seeks funding to assist in the continuation of culturally and linguistically appropriate health services. Service visits include primary care visits, interpretive services, lab tests, diagnostic services, health screening, radiology services, prescription medications and other medically necessary services.

Healthwise for Life Senior Visitor Program
Whole Health Outreach, Ellington, Mo.
Contact: Rita Schonhoff, Director
Endorsement: Sister Patricia Murphy, CSJ
The program serves five rural, geographically isolated counties where health concerns are often neglected because of geographic, economic or motivational factors. The program serves 160 older adults each year, with a focus on improving the health and social well-being and to increase opportunities for them to live in safety with independence and dignity.

Pre-Diabetes Education
Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital – Lourdes Diabetes Center, Binghamton, New York
Contact: Sheryl Dalton, Program Director
Endorsement; Sister Marilyn Perkins, DC, Vice President, Mission Integration
Lourdes Diabetes Center created a Pre-Diabetes education module to complement an existing diabetes service line. Funding would help expand the program to allow minimally 400 individuals the chance to attend courses offered every other week. Class times rotate mornings, afternoons and evenings to ensure a person-centric approach.

Diabetes Self-Management Education Program Eye & Dental
Daughters of Charity of San Antonio, San Antonio
Contact: Mike Bennett, President, Chief Executive Officer
Endorsement: Sister Consuelo Tovar, DC
Using funding from previous grants, the Daughters of Charity of San Antonio have created a bilingual, culturally sensitive and person-centered Diabetes curriculum to educate and support diabetic patients with the tools and information necessary to manage their disease. Additional funding would help continue the program and remove some barriers people may have to achieving adequate diabetes control — providing access to glucose monitor and test strips, gas cards, healthy shopping expeditions at local supermarkets, and cooking classes that teach people how to cook familiar foods in a healthy way.

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