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2014-15 Considered Start-Up Programs

Developing Student Moral Agency and Fostering Christian Moral Decision-making Skills in Undergraduate Nursing Programs
Mount St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles
Contact: Ruth Sanborn, Instructor, Religious Studies
Endorsement: Sister Darlene M. Kawulok, CSJ, D.Min.
Concern about adequate moral formation of young women and men preparing for vocations resulted in the first phase of this project. The first phase examines how undergraduate nursing school admission policies, practices and ethics curricula influence, enhance (or hinder) the cultivation of moral agency in nursing practices. This phase will inform which direction phase two will take, with a focus on making cogent recommendations and identifying goals to support the development of future nurses who understand and embrace the dignity of the patients and families in their care.

Care Coordinator for the Family Health Center
St. Vincent’s Health Partners, Inc., Bridgeport, Conn.
Contact: Dr. Michael Hunt, Chief Medical Officer/ Chief Medical Information Officer
Endorsement: William Hoey, MAGCM, LCSW
St. Vincent’s Family Health Center provides pediatric services, adult medical care, geriatric care and specialty services to those in the Bridgeport, Connecticut community who are most in need. This potentially high healthcare risk population challenged with lack of continuous, Integrated and quality care. Funding would help St. Vincent’s Health Partners to provide population health management and care coordination to help the Family Health Center overcome organizational and population barriers.

Patient Navigator/Coordination of Care Service
St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Bridgeport, Conn.
Contact: Margaret Hardy, Vice President, Behavioral Health
Endorsement: Sister Catherine Kelly, DC
The project proposes to develop a Patient Navigator program housed in the Emergency Department and implement a “Coordination of Care Service” model. The model would bring together Emergency Department, Behavioral Health and community providers through weekly staff meetings. The target population includes heavy users of emergency services with serious mental illness, chronic substance abuse issues. The program would assist patients as they move through the health care system by providing access to care, triage for condition-specific interventions and referrals.

Child Development Program
St. Vincent de Paul Center, Chicago
Contact: Megan Kennedy, Development Associate
Endorsement: Sister Patricia Dunne, DC
The Child Development Program provides year-round care and services for children of low-income households. The program focuses on cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional development of the children — all seen as critical components for future success. Funding would support the Health and Wellness Initiative for the program through services which include a part-tie pediatric nurse, vision and hearing screenings, updated health procedures, updated policies and documentation, health education, and a health fair and employee wellness program.

Community Impact Director
4Community Partners, Kokomo, Ind.
Contact: Jim Leslie, Community Impact Director
Endorsement: Kathy Young (title?)
The service will place a Family Wellness Advocate who will report to the principle in Petit Park Elementary School. The school is a failing school in the Near Northwest neighborhood. The advocate’s role would be to coordinate among the school, children, families and services providers to identify those underserved and unserved, and provide them with improves access to community services.

Christopher Evans Recovery Program
Brighton Center for Recovery — St. John Providence Health System, Warren, Mich.
Contact: Raymond Waller, Director
Endorsement: Andrew Santos, Senior Vice President for Mission Integration
Due to lack of financial resources, patients generally stay at Brighton Center for Recovery for just two weeks. Many patients would benefit from several months of extended services. Through a partnership with Reverence Home Health, the program will provide follow-up services for up to one year after discharge using an electronic device patients take home with them, and phone calls. All homeless and unemployed patients without resources would be offered the program at no charge.

Wellness Program
The Covering House, St. Louis
Contact: Dedee Lhamon, Executive Director
Endorsement: Sister Gladys Leigh, CSJ
The program supports the opening of The Covering House’s first Long Term Therapeutic Home. Designed for a one year stay, the program offers sexually trafficked girls between the ages of 13-18 food, shelter, clothing toiletries, basic medical and dental care, individual and group counseling, case management, education and recreational activities. Funding will be used for the wellness program and to staff an onsite nurse.

Midwest Coalition for Responsible Investment Access to Nutrition
Midwest Coalition for Responsible Investment, St. Louis
Contact: Sister Barbara Jennings, CSJ, Coordinator
Endorsement: Sister Mary Ann Hartman, DC
Access to Nutrition seeks to strengthen relationships by connecting knowledge of local conditions to food and beverage corporations, to further encourage changes to labeling and advertising practices. Through existing involvement with Metro St. Louis Coalition for Inclusion and Equity, they will focus on St. Louis schools and health clinics. Funding would help promote integration and networking by connection local populations, nonprofits and corporations throughout the food system.

Neighborhood Health Center On-site Phlebotomy Service
Mount St. Mary’s Hospital of Niagara Falls
Contact: Sister Grace Marie Dunn, DC, Vice President Mission Integration
Endorsement: Sister Grace Marie Dunn, DC
The service area of the Neighborhood Health Center is rooted in the poorest section of the city. It is a challenge for many patients to go to a hospital or laboratory to obtain testing, and difficult to report for scheduled appointments to see their health care provider due to a lack of transportation or personal support system. The on-site services would provide the laboratory data needed for a complete and comprehensive view of patient’s conditions. The goal of the service is to provide access and better patient’s health condition.

Purchase and installation of Play Structure
Los Fresnos Elementary, Los Fresnos, Texas
Contact: Sister Mary Ann Potts, CSJ, Music Teacher
Endorsement: Sister Mary Ann Potts, CSJ
Funding would be used to replace a wood play structure with three broken and unusable parts. The structure is inadequate for the number of preschool to grade five students who use the structure daily, and students who use the structure during the afterschool program.

Wellness by Design
Alexian Village of Milwaukee, Milwaukee
Contact: Linda Paulson, Director Business Development
Endorsement: Brother Lawrence Krueger, Alexian Brothers
A partnership between Columbia St. Mary’s, Alexian Village of Milwaukee and Horizon Home Care & Hospice provides a holistic care continuum using the unique healthcare expertise of each partner. Wellness by Design is the proposed delivery model of assessment, lifestyle coaching, communication and care management focused on older adults. It is a comprehensive outreach to bring older adults into primary care clinics for a holistic assessment that addresses cognition, psycho-social issues, Activities of Daily Living, living environment, depression, fall risk and barriers that may face older adults who want to remain safely at home.

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