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The Catholic Identity Matrix (CIM), designed by Ascension Health in collaboration with the Veritas Institute at the University of St. Thomas, is intended to help a Catholic healthcare institution evaluate the degree to which its current policies and operating processes are consistent with the aspirations of the Catholic moral tradition and with its mission and values. The CIM translates standards founded upon this tradition into detailed behavioral benchmarks for Catholic healthcare services. Thus, the CIM catalyzes both critical reflection upon an organization’s current state and practical improvements guided by Catholic moral teaching, thought and practice.

The CIM yields a qualitative portrait of the current state of planning and operations and a quantitative appraisal of the extent to which they are shaped by Catholic moral principles and applied theology. The matrix is a comprehensive assessment of mission integration. This information allows leaders to identify critical opportunities for improvement and to formulate specific initiatives designed to help their organizations embody more fully the mission and spiritual aspirations of Catholic healthcare. Periodic use of the CIM enables Catholic healthcare organizations to establish a discipline of sustained, ongoing improvement in response to the challenge of mission integration. In this way, the process helps them to advance the healing ministry of Jesus.

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