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“The goal of our fostering a spirituality of work is to provide an environment that deepens our sense of meaning through the Mission of Ascension Health. This affects the way work is done and service is provided. In a spiritually centered workplace, people have greater potential to become whole. They have a deeper connection with the meaning of what they do. From that experience comes vital energy, real commitment, creativity and a generosity of spirit in contributing to our Mission. Fostering spirituality, the workplace grows as a true community of mutual care and service and organizational practice is infused with depth and reflective process. In this context, there is potential for both individual and organizational transformation.

We, as Ascension Health, seek to nurture spirituality in the workplace out of reverence for each person in the service of the healing ministry.”

These words from the Framework for Fostering a Spirituality of Work  lay the groundwork for our Integral Model for Mission Integration and Spirituality.

Ascension Health also has developed a working definition of spirituality in order to have a foundation for dialogue on this topic, which has diverse viewpoints:

Spirituality is an awareness of ourself, others, God and the universe, which reveals meaning and purpose in everyday life.

Spirituality is experienced through personal contemplation, work, relationships, creation, devotional practice, art and music, and is reflected in our behavior.

Ascension Health has further developed this working definition to include an understanding of spirituality from the tradition of Ascension Health:

Catholics understand spirituality as God’s call to experience the sacred in the Word and Sacraments, service, the Church and the world around us, for the purpose of building up the reign of God, revealed through Jesus Christ.quote_WPS

Workplace Spirituality strengthens our work to nurture a Model Community of Inspired Associates, one of our Enabling Strengths, and its impact can be seen on associates, patients and families, In 2004, Ascension Health was recognized by the International Center for Spirit at Work with a “Spirit at Work” award.

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