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Solutions and Solution Support


The Resource Group Solutions and Solution Support

The Resource Group delivers value to its Participants through its unique model of User-Directed Strategic Sourcing™, a process that engages end-users to identify the necessary attributes of a product or service. It is a non-industry-specific contracting and change management model based in The Resource Group’s promise to “Listen First.” Based on the attributes identified by the end-users, The Resource Group negotiates best value from the acceptable suppliers and products.



The solutions team is collaborative and tightly connected, achieving best value in Contract Design and Sourcing; Solutions Management and Implementation; Change Management; and Operations and Logistics.

Contract Design and Sourcing
Contract Design and Sourcing is comprised of skilled associates charged with developing and managing the full contract portfolio of The Resource Group. These team members are responsible for engaging groups of interdisciplinary end-users, to identify the attributes of acceptable products and services within all contracts.

Solutions Management Office
This team is charged with accelerating and increasing the value delivered to Participants, accomplished by leveraging proficiencies in project management and implementation. Project management and work plan abilities are integrated throughout The Resource Group to enable one team comprised of many solutions. Implementation capabilities are focused on maximizing the value of The Resource Group initiatives to benefit the Participants. The team coordinates activities between suppliers and Participants; enables stakeholder coordination; conducts education and training; and communicates the value of the initiatives to all associated parties.

Change Management
Chief Resource Officers facilitate cultural and organizational change by proactively bridging communication gaps; building collaborative relationships with executives, physicians, and other participants; and engaging in strategic planning and goal management. Chief Resource Officers also ensure that the optimum level of support is available to facilitate all Participant initiatives led by The Resource Group, enabling the cross-pollination of successes across all Participants.

Operations and Logistics
Team members coordinate all logistics activities and daily operations, as well as integrate activities with clinical teams; vendors; User-Directed contract implementation; procurement; finance; and information technology. Supply Chain Operations and Logistics management activities include inbound and outbound transportation management; fleet management; warehousing; materials handling; order fulfillment; logistics network design; inventory management; supply/demand planning; and management of third-party logistics services providers.

Solution Support

The Solution Support Team ensures the success of all Participants, by providing Analytics, Measurement/Audit, Participant Integration, and Purchased Services Integration.

The Analytics team provides Solution Support through robust analytics by utilizing financial analysis, project management, and analytical tool development. Deliverables include savings projections; implementation trackers; pricing analyses; and contract compliance metrics that support Participant-wide contracting efforts. The information provided enhances decision-making and improves tracking for contract compliance.

Measurement /Audit and Data Integrity
The Measurement/Audit team conducts forensic analytics post-implementation to ensure value. These analytics are achieved through financial audits, operational audits, and financial reporting. Additionally, they track and measure administrative fees and rebates due from the contracted vendors. The Measurement/Audit team provides oversight of internal controls and ensures accuracy of the financial statements of The Resource Group.

A key factor in the success of The Resource Group lies in the availability and accuracy of data. The Data Integrity team is responsible for the organizational management of purchase and contract data. This team aggregates data from disparate information systems, providing comparability for analytics and projections at the Participant and organization levels. The Data Integrity team works collaboratively with the Analytics team to improve processes and ensure data reliability.

Participant Integration
This vital team focuses on the cultivation of new Participants. Team members also provide a framework to facilitate rapid deployment of The Resource Group’s solutions within new Participants. The Participant Integration team provides crucial leadership and integration support for strategic and organizational initiatives spanning The Resource Group’s business solutions.

Purchased Services Integration
Purchased Services Integration is fully dedicated to managing the national Purchased Services Contracts by focusing on quality, productivity, satisfaction, and financial performance for Participants. Emphasis is placed on proactively managing these contracts, leveraging best practices and scale to deliver highly reliable, superior hospitality services to Participants. The Purchased Services Integration team provides pre- and post-transition activities; financial review; performance monitoring; and measurement activities for Participants.

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