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The Resource Group Leadership Team

Scott Caldwell

Chief Executive Officer, The Resource Group
Senior Vice President, Ascension

Scott Caldwell serves as the Chief Executive Officer of The Resource Group, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ascension. In this role, he is responsible for guiding resource and supply management strategy and operations, including those for the group purchasing organization.

Todd Adams

Vice President, National Field Operations, The Resource Group

Todd Adams serves as Vice President, National Field Operations, in support of all Participants within The Resource Group. In this role, he is responsible for managing a team of associates dedicated to consistent, high quality, and cost-effective operations with respect to procurement, purchasing, inventory, warehouse operations, receiving, and supply distribution functions.

Karen J. Barrow, RN

Vice President, Participant Development, The Resource Group

As Vice President of Participant Development, Karen sets vision and strategy for The Resource Group in regards to Participant Development. Her specific responsibilities include managing the operational functions, with special attention to development of new Participants and new products; directing and implementing the national span of operations associated with leading revenue growth and maximizing resource management; and sustaining Participant satisfaction and cost reductions. Karen’s team ensures that the Health Ministries and Participants are provided with high reliability, cost-effective products through procurement, utilization, and inventory function review and processes.

Brad Forth

Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing, The Resource Group

As Senior Director of Strategic Sourcing, Brad is responsible for the overall leadership of the Sourcing Team. His specialties include advancing the development of action plans, sourcing strategies, and supply and service agreements for all areas of need. The Sourcing Team operates in an accelerated manner while also ensuring that the contracts, or identified solutions, are carried out in a way that facilitates and supports cost-effective, dependable, and acceptable solutions by all constituencies, placing particular focus on end-users. Sourcing is best known as the “Contract Second” portion of The Resource Group’s promise to “Listen First, Contract Second, and Implement Always.”

Michael Gray

Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, The Resource Group

As Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of The Resource Group, Michael has responsibility for leading and implementing the User-Directed Strategic Sourcing™ strategies and initiatives across the organization. This executive role advances the development and rapid implementation of contracts and pricing agreements for supply and non-labor expenses through interwoven user-directed communication strategies with the Participants, associates, clinicians and physicians.

Roy Guharoy, Pharm.D.

Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer, The Resource Group

Roy Guharoy, Pharm.D., MBA, is the Vice President and the Chief Pharmacy Officer for The Resource Group. In this role he has the responsibility for integrating medication management processes, establishing evidence based practice of medicine, and implementing patient safety and patient care outcome initiatives.

Terri Hunt

National Director of Solution Support, The Resource Group

As the National Director of Solution Support for The Resource Group, Terri is responsible for leading the National Analyst Team and the Data Integrity Team.  She leads all Analyst programs related to recruitment, training, process standardization and optimization, and career development.

Patrick McCoole

Executive Director, Participant Management, The Resource Group

In his current role, Patrick McCoole works with Executives and associates to coordinate and develop resources, programs, and tools to deliver sustainable value to all potential Participants in the healthcare, higher education, and industry markets.

Mark O'Connor

Vice President-Finance and Controller, The Resource Group

Mark O’Connor is the Vice President-Finance and Controller of The Resource Group.  As Controller, Mark O'Connor has responsibility for managing overall financial performance and analytics, as well as maintaining the integrity of data used throughout The Resource Group.

Dewayne Rader

Vice President, Solution Management, The Resource Group

Dewayne Rader is the Vice President of Solution Management for The Resource Group. In this role, he leads the Implementation, Project Management, and Customer Care components of The Resource Group.

Eddie Sharp

National Chief Resource Officer, The Resource Group

Eddie Sharp is the National Chief Resource Officer of The Resource Group. In this role, Eddie leads the Systemwide community of Chief Resource Officers in optimizing the management of resources and supplies.

KaLeena Thomas

Senior Executive Director, Deployment, The Resource Group

KaLeena Thomas is the Senior Executive Director, Deployment, for The Resource Group. In this role, KaLeena is responsible for leading all integration activities for new Participants in The Resource Group. Additionally, she provides leadership and integration support for strategic and organizational initiatives spanning the Resource Group’s business solutions.

Michael Wray

Vice-President, Contract Design, The Resource Group

As Vice-President of Contract Design, Michael leads the group responsible for working with end-users of products and services through Decision Teams™ and Affinity Groups. This collaborative effort creates the attributes which shape and become the core content of the contracts used by Ascension Participants. Contract Design is best known as the “Listen First” portion of The Resource Group’s promise to “Listen First, Contract Second, Implement Always.”

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