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Living the Mission & Values Awards

As is true of the individual nominees, the program nominees represent an extraordinary orientation toward service to those most in need. These services represent significant commitments to express both Mission and Values in the daily lives of those in their communities. We recognize the following programs for their extraordinary service.

Adopt-A-Child Program
Daughters of Charity Services of San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas

When low-income mothers began keeping their children home from school to protect them from the humiliation of starting school in worn and tattered clothes, the Daughters of Charity started an Adopt-A-Child Back to School program. Each year, the program collects and distributes school supplies and a complete set of new clothes to more than 600 children, ensuring they get a good start on their school
year. Donors, businesses and volunteers all chip in to make the program work. One volunteer even personally sews 20 sets of clothes for her adopted child, including a Halloween costume, and special outfits for Easter, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

AVM Adult Day Services
Alexian Village of Milwaukee
Milwaukee, Wisc.

Alexian’s Adult Day Services fills an important need in the Milwaukee community. Each day more than 50 older adults attend, seeking care management, socialization, outpatient therapy or other support. Patients’ families also receive respite from the challenges of caregiving. The program includes three “neighborhoods” — medical, social and developmental — that facilitate sharing by participants with similar
needs. As a result, the program stimulates needy seniors and engages them with a renewed sense of purpose and meaning. A genuine spirit of caring and sharing exists between participants and Alexian staff, and it is carried back into participants’ homes.

Center for Perinatal Advocacy
Providence Hospital
Washington, D.C.

With Ascension Health’s Mission and Values as its template, the Center for Perinatal Advocacy is a catalyst for innovative maternal and infant best practices. The center has created partnerships with other community organizations to raise awareness of issues such as safe sleep, infant safety and prenatal care. Its success has inspired other departments at Providence to seek out community partners as well, to
address obesity, diabetes and other critical health issues. As a result, Providence has earned a reputation as a trusted player in the community and an important leader in improving community health.

Centering Pregnancy
Borgess Women’s Health
Kalamazoo, Mich.

Centering Pregnancy is a multifaceted model of group care that provides health assessment, prenatal and parenting education and support to a diverse group of at-risk expectant mothers. It is the first such program certified in the state of Michigan. The program empowers women to choose health-promoting behaviors, emphasizes choices that support healthy birth weights, and accentuates the joy and hope of bringing a new child into the world. The program has helped build leadership and patient advocacy skills among Medical Assistants and inspired them to think beyond the needs of individual patients to focus on the needs of the community as a whole.

Community Engagement
Ministry Service Center
Indianapolis, Ind.

When the Ministry Service Center (MSC) first contemplated a Community Engagement Program, two dozen associates immediately stepped forward to make it possible. Today, more than a quarter of all MSC associates have participated in various initiatives. These include a food pantry, minor home repair services, help for a community center, mentoring services, blood donation, and support for the hearing-impaired
children at St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf. The MSC is living the Mission in delivering outstanding volunteer services to make a lasting difference for those most in need.

Corazon de Maria (Mary’s Heart) Program
Carondelet Health Network
Tucson, Ariz.

The Corazon de Maria Program provides education and support to teenage parents in Nogales, Ariz., a predominately Hispanic community with 50 percent poverty levels. The teenage pregnancy rate there exceeds 60 percent. Associates and volunteers provide psychological and spiritual needs assessment, parenting education, referrals to community services, and mentoring relationships with the young mothers. By compassionately ministering to poor and vulnerable teens and newborns, the program’s staff attests to our Mission of serving those most in need, and to sustaining and improving the health of individuals and communities.

Green Initiatives
Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital
Binghamton, N.Y.

The Green Initiatives program inspires all Lourdes departments to find new ways to reduce waste and expenses, further enabling the hospital to pursue its Mission of charity. A composting program keeps two tons of food waste out of local landfills. A recycling and reuse program channels unneeded furniture and equipment to other departments or to community agencies, furthering their useful life. Buying local products supports the local economy and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In all, the program has enhanced community perceptions of Lourdes and demonstrated its commitment to “living softly.”

Healthy Beginnings
Carondelet Health
Kansas City, Mo.

As part of its commitment to leave no one behind, St. Joseph and St. Mary’s medical centers provide a unique program for pregnant women considered socially at risk for complications. Nurses meet with participants three to five times and provide support and education. Each expectant mother is assigned a labor and delivery nurse as a personal mentor, who encourages healthy lifestyle choices, cessation of
cigarette and alcohol use, and a social environment that will support the best outcomes. The goal is for every mother to deliver a healthy, full-term baby. New mothers also receive a free car seat, breast pump and breast-feeding classes.

Hospital Outreach Patient Eligibility (HOPE) Program
St. Vincent’s HealthCare
Jacksonville, Fla.

The HOPE Program helps patients in need who are unable to afford healthcare. Financial Counselors are available by telephone to assist patients in identifying a source for their care. Since 2011, more than 1,000 individuals have been helped in this way. Counselors also attend community outreach events to provide information and assistance to poor and vulnerable populations. Other departments have joined in
this effort, expanding the range of services and screenings available. The word has spread quickly, and patients, family and friends are now making frequent referrals, helping to bring needed medical services to those who previously had little or no access.

Medical Mission at Home
Saint Thomas Health
Nashville, Tenn.

“A mission in our backyard.” That’s the way one local pastor described Saint Thomas’ Medical Mission at Home. The monthly, one-day urban and rural outreach event brings primary care, dental care, behavioral health, health screenings, prescription medication and vision care to those affected by poverty. More than 100 volunteer doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals participate, with many remarking on how their participation blesses them as well as those they serve. Medical Mission at Home has attracted dozens of other area organizations to participate and donate products and services, which helps to spread the Mission and Values across the community.

Parochial School Support Services
Alexian Brothers Parish Services
Schaumburg, Ill.

Parochial School Support Services involves a team of 11 Alexian associates who work with 18 area schools to provide otherwise unavailable services, such as counseling, social work services and special education for K-8 students. The team has developed a number of programs to meet the needs of students in each school, including a leadership training academy for seventh- and eighth-grade students, an anti-bullying curriculum, an internship program, parenting groups, divorce recovery groups, and other support activities. Last year, the team held 3,736 individual meetings with students, 1,479 family meetings, and 1,789 classroom presentations that were observed by more than 40,000 students.

SMART (St. Mary’s Avoidable Readmission Team) Program
St. Mary’s Medical Center
Evansville, Ind.

Every day, volunteers from St. Mary’s Auxiliary telephone recently discharged patients to verify that they are following their prescribed discharge plan. The goal is to reduce readmissions due to a failure to follow instructions, such as not taking prescribed medications or not having oxygen at home. The volunteers identify and help address barriers to compliance, such as a lack of transportation or an inability to afford medications. They work with case managers and pharmacists to improve discharge instructions and find affordable medication options when possible. The SMART program is credited with helping to raise St. Mary’s patient satisfaction scores, and with enhancing the Medical Center’s image in the community.

St. Vincent Seton Specialty Hospitals Transition Care Program
St. Vincent Health
Indianapolis, Ind.

The Transition Care Program was started 15 years ago to help patients and their families continue to recover after an extended acute care stay in the hospital. An interdisciplinary team helps them adjust to new surroundings, new providers and new clinical staff, providing quality, compassionate care through pain management and emotional/spiritual support tailored to each person’s needs and wishes. Groups of
associates distribute handmade blankets, while others volunteer to lend support and comfort to the patient at the end of life and to the family long afterwards. Associates’ reverence for life and their respect for the dignity of each individual reflect our Mission and Values and have inspired Joint Commission surveyors to ask to share the program with other hospital systems.

Transitional Living Program for those Struggling with Mental Illness
Alexian Brothers Center for Mental Health
Arlington Heights, Ill.

When individuals with mental illness arrive at Alexian Brothers Transitional Living Program (TLP) they often are battered and bruised, and in great need of support and hope. Many are homeless, with only the clothes on their back and in significant psychiatric distress. The TLP staff gives them more than a furnished place to live. They provide skilled assistance, respect and needed resources. In every case, they demonstrate reverence for all, and appreciate the uniqueness of each resident. As a result, over 70 percent of residents are successfully discharged, with the average length of stay barely half that expected by the state Department of Mental Health.

Urban Church Wellness Initiative
Columbia St. Mary’s
Milwaukee, Wisc.

The Urban Church Wellness Initiative seeks to create a healthier community by providing health education, screenings and services for African-Americans in need. The program’s results speak for themselves: more than 6,000 lives touched; 71 percent have lowered their blood pressure; 56 percent have reduced their risk of heart failure; and 83 percent of patients with diabetes have achieved better disease management. Working with volunteers from 40 area churches, two Community Health Workers have successfully fostered an environment in which people have the means to make good decisions about their health and realize a higher quality of life and a vibrant society.

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