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Online Registry

Ascension has embarked on a significant business transformation effort termed Symphony that integrates Record-to-Report, Hire-to-Retire and Procure-to-Pay processes in a single Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) information system – PeopleSoft. This transformation provides increased transparency of information across Ascension and depends on data that is accurate, consistent and current.

In support of PeopleSoft deployment, a number of approaches to cleanse and reconcile data have been applied. To complete the reconciliation, as well as provide ongoing maintenance in support of data integrity, The Resource Group is engaging suppliers through an Online Registry of the supplies and services purchased by Participants1. Communication regarding this database was released to our Suppliers through a formal letter. A copy of this letter may be downloaded here.

This Online Registry will provide the following line item information:

  • Ascension Health PeopleSoft Item Number
  • Company name as maintained in the PeopleSoft Vendor File
  • Company catalog/item number as maintained in the PeopleSoft Item File
  • Item description as maintained in the PeopleSoft Item File
  • Ordering Unit of Measure data as maintained in the PeopleSoft Item File

Please note that neither quantities of purchases nor pricing will be displayed.

This Online Registry will be an incredible diagnostic resource to your organization to support timely and accurate payment for products and services in the future. It will also assist your efforts when working with our User-Directed Strategic Sourcing™ team. Your active participation in the management of data necessary to purchase products or services from your organization is critical. Failure to provide and maintain this information may prevent The Resource Group from conducting business with your organization in the future.

The implementation of the Online Registry will take place in two phases:

  • Phase 1: Supplier National Account Executives confirm or reject participation in the Online Registry
  • Phase 2: Upon receipt of acknowledgement from all suppliers, The Resource Group will provide access to a downloadable file (available by right-clicking on the link and selecting "Save As") on The Resource Group website. You may download the file in an xls or xlsx format. Both versions contain information about the products and services purchased by Participants.

Please use the acknowledgement form below to:

  • Affirm that you are authorized to make this acknowledgement on behalf of the Company
  • Agree to the disclosure of information regarding Company or Company's product as set forth above.

Acknowledgement Form:

The undersigned hereby affirms that he/she is authorized to make this acknowledgement on behalf of the Company identified below.(If you mark "Do Not Acknowledge", please enter information below of the appropriate person within your organization who can acknowledge on behalf of the company).

Invalid Input
The undersigned further acknowledges receipt of this message on the date set out below, and agrees to the disclsoure of information regarding Company or Company's product as set forth in the information provided above. (*)

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Organization (*)
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Name (*)
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Title (*)
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Email Address (*)
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Phone Number (*)
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{Mailing Address:validation}
{Mailing Address:description}
Organization Website - http(s):// required (*)
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1Participants include all Ascension-owned and managed facilities as well as potential non-affiliated healthcare, education, or industry institutions that are served by The Resource Group.

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